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Braddock Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is an offshore development centre located in Kerala, India, that provides application development, application maintenance, system integration and network operations support services to a global clientele. We design, build, implement, integrate, support and manage tactical and strategic solutions using cutting edge technology.

Leveraging a world class talent pool, mature processes and proven methodologies, and taking full advantage of emerging technology trends, we develop applications that enable organizations to achieve greater efficiency at significantly lower costs. We work with clients to understand their specific requirements and build solutions that fully meet those requirements. Our technology driven business solutions can play a crucial role in building your business and taking your organization to new heights.

Ensuring the highest operational efficiency and the maximum return on your investment is essential in achieving your organizational goals. Doing this with an ever shrinking budget is a critical challenge that most organizations face. Through our integrated offshore / onshore engagement model and accelerated product delivery mechanism, we help organizations achieve substantial productivity improvements at considerably reduced costs, while providing them with reliable and responsible technical support that covers everything from legacy to leading edge.

We harness emerging technologies to build new systems and solutions, and create new opportunities in the market place, offering new avenues for growth. We offer a complete spectrum of venturing and partnership models designed to enable effective sharing of risk and reward in an open and highly commercial culture.

Working in partnership with Braddock Infotech gives organizations seamless access to knowledge and technical skills, while freeing internal resources to focus on growing the business and increasing shareholder value..

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