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Braddock Infotech is located within the Infopark complex at Koratty, just a few hundred meters from National Highway 47, and a mere 20km drive from Cochin International Airport. Its strategic location within the Infopark campus provides Braddock Infotech with access to such amenities as high-speed Internet connectivity and VOIP facilities, enabling it to conduct international calls and video conferences at negligible cost, and to stay in constant touch with the company’s international clients.

People are Braddock Infotech’s biggest assets. The company has carefully nurtured a team of highly experienced and exceptionally talented leaders, with proven mastery over both Information Technology as well as Management. Setting and exceeding organizational objectives, these leaders have been instrumental in transforming the company’s corporate vision into reality, and in providing clients with the competitive edge they value so much.

Giving them able support are teams of hand-picked IT professionals specialized in various technology streams, driven by a burning desire to excel in their chosen domains and committed to delivering the best. These professionals help Braddock Infotech keep re-inventing itself, continuously providing clients with out-of-the-box solutions at the cutting edge of technology. In turn the company provides them with the room to grow and achieve their career objectives and life’s ambitions.

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