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Braddock’s experience in EAI helps it to steer clear of common pitfalls in application integration.

Most applications available within organizations have unique characteristics, are coded in different languages, use different programming interfaces and protocols, and run in different operating environments. This is because these applications were built using technologies that were current at that point of time. Little thought was given about whether these applications would someday be called upon to share information with one another. With each passing day however, seamless integration between applications is becoming increasingly imperative.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is a sophisticated set of procedures that uses tools, techniques and technologies to build bridges between these islands of automation, allowing enterprises to freely move information between application stovepipes at will, without having to change the source or target systems. It creates a common medium for business processes and data to communicate to each other across applications.

EAI implementation however, is a tricky business. Some of the systems may contain mission-critical data. They could be built on open or proprietary frameworks. There can be an assortment of hardware and operating systems to be negotiated with. Communication protocols and networking equipment could be vastly different. What’s more, the applications and databases could geographically be poles apart.

Proven Methodology
Braddock Infotech has acquired considerable experience and expertise in EAI, and has developed a robust and reliable approach to ensure successful implementation. Engineers at Braddock first acquaint themselves fully with the existing enterprise architecture to have a clear picture of the processes and data that reside within the enterprise, and how they relate to each other. They then determine which applications and data stores need to share information, and identify the most appropriate enabling technology to build the bridge. The experience that Braddock has gained in EAI helps it to steer clear of common pitfalls in the implementation process, and ensure successful completion of integration initiatives.

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