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Each organization is unique, and has its own specific goals and objectives, its own processes and procedures. Finding a shrink-wrapped solution that will perfectly meet every organization’s workflow automation requirements isn’t easy, simply because one size doesn’t fit all. Custom application development is the answer. Braddock Infotech has carved out a niche for itself in custom software design and development, backed by a mature, process-driven development model that helps us complete complex projects within committed timelines and budgetary allocations while adhering to the highest quality standards.

Agile Development Methodology
We adopt a business-driven approach to application development that focuses on quickly implementing the high priority features, and then adding on the bells and whistles. To do this we use an agile development model that allows requirements and design to be continuously refined as code development progresses, building the application incrementally with periodic validation of refined requirements and design.

Technology Bandwidth
We have significant experience working on proprietary as well as open source platforms. This gives us the technology bandwidth to come up with solutions that meet client expectations regarding features and functionalities even while working on tight budgets. We also have exposure to a wide spectrum of business domains, which substantially reduces the learning curve, while allowing us to quickly build tailor-made domain-specific solutions.

Our services include the following:
¤ Custom application development.
¤ Enhancement of applications to include new features.
¤ Customization of commercially-off-the-shelf (COTS) products.
¤ Application re-engineering and re-factoring.
¤ Legacy modernization.
¤ Embedded software development.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance:
Software Testing is an integral part of our software development process. Testing engineers at Braddock Infotech look at applications from the end-users’ perspective and approach a project with a ‘test to break’ attitude. Their objective is to provide a clear, unbiased analysis of software solutions being built. They tear applications apart and look into the innards to ensure every line of code is written right. By mapping a product under development to the Software Requirements Specification (SRS), they ensure that it’s the right product that’s being built. By mapping the development process to industry best practices and accepted coding standards, they ensure the product is being built right. Braddock’s testing process ensures early identification of defects, reduces system life cycle risks, drives development along safe lines, and helps to minimize cost overruns.

Our testing engineers are equally adept at automated and manual testing methods, and well versed in the use of various testing tools. Our testing services include:

¤ White Box Testing: To check the internal logic of an application’s code
¤ Black Box Testing: To ensure the application’s functionalities meet client requirements
¤ Integration Testing: To ensure various modules of the application integrate seamlessly into one another.
¤ Load Testing: To check whether performance deteriorates under unusually heavy loads.
¤ Regression Testing: To ensure modifications made to enhance one aspect of an application do not negatively impact other aspects of the application.
¤ Non-Functional Testing: To ensure compatibility, usability and scalability aspects of an application, and.
¤ Security Testing: To assess risk factors and conduct security reviews.

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