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Network Operations Centers provide 24×7 proactive monitoring and management of their client’s network infrastructure including routers, switches, wireless equipment, servers, IP telephony, contact center systems, video conferencing facilities and security devices. The prime purpose of NOCs is to identify and resolve problems that lead to critical outages before such outages occur — and whenever possible, even before users become aware that a problem has occurred. Implementation of NOCs centralize the responsibility for monitoring and responding to network and system performance issues, and ensure a consistent and continuous availability of access to the network.

Braddock Infotech runs a Network Operations Center managed by highly experienced staff capable of quickly and accurately interpreting and responding to network and system status information. The NOC facilitates seamless flow of user problem reports and timely implementation of remedial measures. It is equipped with specialized software tools capable of inventorying and monitoring highly complex network infrastructure which includes hardware platforms, operating systems, and database architectures. The NOC has been set up after careful consideration of the structure of the networks that need to be supported, the purposes for which they are used, and the number and types of servers and applications plugged into the network to provide the wide array of networked services that are currently being provided, as well as those planned for the future.

Technology Bandwidth
We have significant experience working on proprietary as well as open source platforms. This gives us the technology bandwidth to come up with solutions that meet client expectations regarding features and functionalities even while working on tight budgets. We also have exposure to a wide spectrum of business domains, which substantially reduces the learning curve, while allowing us to quickly build tailor-made domain-specific solutions.

Braddock’s fully integrated Network Operations Center provides round-the-clock proactive monitoring of networks and enterprise applications, thereby ensuring improved network availability and better cost-efficiencies for organizations, while freeing their internal resources to focus on core business activities. Currently Braddock Infotech supports Crosstel, a leading network provider for long-distance and VoIP services in the US Southeast. Crosstel serves CLEC, ISP, and Cable companies including big time players like T-Mobile, MCI, Ericcson, and Knology among others, providing them with one of the most technologically advanced broadband networks in the US. Braddock Infotech monitors Crosstel’s Integrated Distributed Switching Solutions and VoIP Application Servers on a 24/7 basis. Braddock also continuously monitors the call flow using CROSSTAT, an application developed in-house specifically for the purpose.

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